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Mission and Purpose

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The world and the human beings are experiencing a moment of personal and planetary transition. Many are facing the challenges of adapting, dealing with life, with their emotions, with their work and relationships, managing their time and reaching their personal and professional goals.

Currently, life events are increasing emotional challenges, aggravating states of stress, fear, anxiety, phobia, anger, insecurity, mental, emotional and physical illnesses, generating a real and worrying situation for personal and public health and safety.

The current situation in Brazil is that less than 20% of the Brazilian population has access to any type of emotional or therapeutic support. Most, even though they need it, are unable to afford any kind of therapy, and the consequences sometimes lead to suicide or extreme violence or madness.

The mission and vision of Therapists Without Borders is to help in the process of personal and planetary transition and evolution, offering emotional and therapeutic support services to humanity.

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