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Become a Therapist without Borders

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In several countries and cultures in the world I met many people who are looking for a greater meaning of life: they are people with feeling, thinking and vision of a better world, where there is love, well-being and mutual support for all beings. They are also people who feel called to the mission of helping others to deal with emotional challenges in the current process of personal and planetary transition and evolution; they are people I affectionately call lightworkers and Therapists without Borders.

If you identify with this call, then we need you! Join the family of lightworkers today! Be a Therapist without Borders! - Rex Thomas



1) Being a therapist with training in one of the modalities of therapies such as: Transpersonal Cosmology, Systemic Triangle, Nexus Therapy, Psychotherapy, Psychology, Gestalt, Cognitive Therapy, Transpersonal and Coaching.
2) Be interviewed and receive guidance via WhatsApp or Skype with one of our advisors.

About Services:

● The work of Therapists Without Borders is free and the therapists are volunteers.
● The therapist can assist with his training modality and must guide and help the client with the activities from the “Art of Being and Living” created by the founder of Therapists Without Borders as the foundation of care for sustainable emotional support.
● The therapist must send a brief report of the patients attended monthly to the coordination of the Therapists Without Borders Association.
● The therapist will be accompanied and supported by the counselors.

Being a Therapist Without Borders:

● Therapists Without Borders is a non-profit association operating throughout the national territory.
● After being accepted as an associate member of Therapists Without Borders, the therapist will receive the National ID Card for Therapists Without Borders - CNTSF, valid for 1 year throughout the national territory.
● As associate members of Therapists Without Borders, therapists collaborate with a monthly contribution of R$ 50 for the administration and operation of the association.
● The therapist will have his data, therapeutic modality, contact, city and photo (optional) available on the website of Therapists Without Borders.
● Active therapists with a valid National ID Card can receive discounts on courses, experiences, events, services and products of other members, collaborators and partners of the Association Therapists Without Borders.

Contact us:

WhatsApp: +55 61 99592 9339

“Our mission is to help in the process of personal and planetary transition and evolution, offering emotional and therapeutic support services to humanity”

Rex Thomas
Founder of the NGO Therapists Without Borders

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