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Global Healing and Meditation

Mayday was a global connection on May 1st with healers, spiritual leaders, shamans and sound healers from around the world to raise the frequency of love, joy and light for personal and global healing and ascension.

Broadcast Sequence

Rex Thomas
Opening blessings and message to humanity

Oryon and Maya
Jewish blessings and healing songs

Karen Buenavida
Jewish blessings and healing songs
Ruth and Blady
Ecuador Chachi healing ceremony

Herbert Quinteros
Medicine songs from the Peruvian Jungle

Hebert Jordan Lira
Andean healing ceremony and blessings from Machu Picchu, Peru

Wyanã Uia
Medicine songs from the Kariri Xocó tribe


Ambika Cruz e Pablo Comesana
Medicine songs from the Mãe D´ água tribe

Daniel Namkhay
Native flutes and healing songs


Healing songs from Africa

Patricia Loraine

Afro-Brazilian Healing songs and blessings
Shams Al Habib
Sufi healing and Qawwali

Krucis Khan
Mantras and Qawwali

Ustad Aashish Khan
World music sound healing

David Watson

Channeled Messages from the Willows


Naruna Prem
Immune System Booster Meditations

Rex Thomas

Meditation for personal and global healing and ascension

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